Project – Nordic Youth Forum


The project is funded by the Nordic Cultural Fund, Swedish Cultural Found, NORDBUK.

Project closed in January 2016.


Dana Poirkomeylian from U.T.O.P.I – as well as a Member of Sweden’s Youth Council.

The aim of the project Nordic Youth Forum is
to strengthen solidarity and make the Nordic region a part of the young people’s mental map and give an insight into the Nordic cooperation and how to develop the Nordic cooperation within the European Community.During the project, the activities of the Nordic Youth Forum will be based on the Swedish Presidency program (2014) in the Nordic Council; 200 years of peace between the Nordic countries. The youth participating in the project will meet with the Nordic MPs and ministers. These meetings will be organised in dialogue with the Nordic Council of Ministers Communications Department. The project partners and the youth will together organizations and plan the content for the international meeting.

During the project the processes of the young people will be filmed and documented in order to make the Nordic values visible to a wider audience. With the help of the video diaries which are produced by the young people using their phones, we will be able the follow the young people’s process. These video diaries will then be edited to be used as a tool when young people are discussing language and social issues in the Nordic countries. Through the exchange of ideas and knowledge between the youths, they will gain knowledge and understanding, which in turn will enables them to reflect on the different themes based on their own experiences. This will also generate debate, engagement and influence the stakeholders.

Projekt Nordiskt Ungdomsforum

Youth at Nordic Youth Forum.

We are facing a new identity process in the Nordic countries. Social media’s influence is growing and will play a major role in the future in forming the democracy process. With it comes a growing need for accountability and knowledge about the Nordic values, as a way to create common identity and community in the Nordic countries. The challenges of municipal structure in the Nordic countries are one of the greatest future challenges. Maintaining welfare services and the opportunity’s to live and work as well as strengthen the symbiosis between urban and rural areas in the North are challenges that ends addressing. 

Project partners:

Project partners are the Norden district in OstrobothniaNordic Information Office in Vaasa (Finland), Nordic Information Office in Gothenburg (Sweden) and Akureyri (Iceland).

Furthermore, the project will work towards implementing the activities of the Nordic Youth Council in cooperation with the Nordic Council Secretariat and the Nordic Council of Ministers Communications Department.

Nordiska kulturfonden

Nordic Childrens and youth

Svenska Kulturfonden