Nordic Information Office

The Nordic information offices are responsible for co-ordinating Nordic operations in these areas, providing information about Nordic co-operation and acting as a district office for the local Nordic Associations.

The information office in Gothenburg shares its secretariat with the Norden Association in Gothenburg and surrounding district in the Västra Götaland Region. The Information Office is primarily project orientated and is also involved in the development of a closer relationship between western Sweden, southern Norway and northern Jutland.

nmr_nyThe Nordic Council and The Nordic Council of Ministers, represent the official nordic co-operation. The Nordic Council was formed in 1952 and is the forum for inter-parliamentary co-operation. The Council has 87 members, representing the five countries and three autonomous territories. The members of the council are members of national parliaments, nominated by their respective political parties and elected by the parliaments. There is no direct election to the Nordic Council. The Nordic Council of Ministers was formed in 1971 and is the forum for inter-governmental co- operation. The work is co-ordinated via the Nordic ministers for co-operation. The composition of the Council of Ministers varies, depending on the nature of the issues to be treated, e.g. culture, education, the environment, etc.

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