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Young people and Democracy were funded through the EU fund; Youth in Action.

Project outline

The aim of the project was to allow young people from the Nordic countries to meet and develop their understanding of the democratic process, and to gain insight from each other’s countries in how to influence the community on a local, regional, national and international level. The project did also look at methods for how to develop youth democracy, where the project provided an arena for knowledge transfer and exchange of experiences between participants and countries.

The participants in the projects were young people between 14-25 years, youth leaders and elected officials.

The project consisted of four main activities.

  • Physical meetings, with the purpose of increasing knowledge and awareness of how young people’s opportunities to influence the community various in the different partner countries. The aim was to create an increased awareness of the importance of active citizenship among young people.
  • Create opportunities for dialogue between young people and politicians.
  • Present and reflect on their own countries approach to youth democracy, and have the opportunity to learn and reflect on others approach to their work with youth influence.
  • Create networks with the purpose to inspire and share information between the participants.

There were two conferences, one in each of the participating countries. Participants in the conference were young people from Latvia and Sweden, politicians and officials from the youth home municipalities. During the conferences there were opportunities for the youths and the politicians to meet, discuss and learn from each other. The aim was to promote dialogue and mutual understanding between young people and decision-makers by creating forums where young people and politicians could meet and discuss issues relevant to young people at local, international and European level.

The youth participated in seminars on various themes within democracy and youth influence. The purpose of the seminars were to increase awareness of democracy and broaden the understanding of how the EU works

A methods development part was included in the project, where young people and leaders shared experiences and methods of how they worked with youth influence and democracy. The aim was for the participants to get ideas and inspiration to develop methods to be used in the democratic process for youth in their own country. Between the conferences, the participants worked with influence and democracy issues in their home countries based on the experience gained in the project.

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