Noah’s garden – The green route towards employment!


A pre-project within the European social fund.


The region of Halland and Kungsbacka Municipality are facing a number of challenges due to the economic recession. Results of significant structural problems are reflected in groups excluded from the labor market. Exclusion has economic, social and / or psychological consequences for the individual as well as for the society.

Via Noah’s garden – The green route towards employment, we want to create opportunities for young people to enter the labor market and promote social inclusion by highlighting structural barriers, create cross-border cooperation and innovation in the green sector. We want to give young people who have difficulty in entering the labor market long-term improved opportunities and skills as part of lifelong learning and to become an active part of our society and the labor market.

The goal of the study is to create a strong partnership with relevant stakeholders with an interest of developing a joined project proposal for the implementation project on green rehabilitation.

Lead Partner:

Onsala Parish – Gothenburg


In Noah’s garden!



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